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Ultimate Compliments 

I talked to my Mom last night about the massive stash haul I have planned, and she was all for it. She was teasing me, saying, "You never know, I may end up stitching some of it!" I told her to have a party, she was welcomed to it! She is becoming quite a proficient stitcher. She's completed several projects, and most recently TW's "Above the Clouds". She's almost finished with the little castle petite and it's looking awesome. Although I love castles, I've never really considered that one until now. I didn't realize it was so lovely, but I'm learning chart photos just do not give justice to a design, no matter who the designer may be.

As we were talking, she told me about a new project she was getting ready to kit up. She said she had already ordered and recieved the chart, and it was a lovely chart at that, and it's name was the Two Loves of Arthur. It took me a minute and then realization sank in. "What?? Are you serious??" I half shouted into the phone. She laughed and said she ordered it from the HAED sale. I am tickled pink! She and Ginny were discussing this pattern at the GTG a week ago (Ginny plans on stitching this design as well) and I was teasing them saying they should have a SAL. And now Mom truly has the pattern! To me, this is the ultimate compliment, to have my mother stitch one of my artworks. And she's planning to stitch it on 14 ct Aida, so you can imagine how big it's going to be (try 28" x 36" finished design). Zoinks, Scoob! We are going to the Macon LNS sometime next week to get Anita to cut a piece of fabric for the project. Dad says once it's finished they are going to frame it and put it over the fireplace. To me that's a place of honor, and I'm so pleased.:)

I tell you, it's really nice having a stitching buddys in the family. As some of you may know my sis-in-law Rhonda stitches (one of her most recent completions was the behemoth Peacock Tapestry), but she manages a high-finance firm and her weekends are pretty tight. She was able to make one GTG, but she has not been able to make any others. Mom's been able to make two GTGs, and it's my goal to have all three of us attend the next one. It will be a blast. We want to hold one ourselves in the fall, and I can't wait.

Speaking of GTGs, only two more months until CATS! Woo hoo! I've let Jo know, and I'll be sending some designs for her later today, so there will indeed be some new Dinky-Dyes releases at Nashville. And yes, there will be more kitties, but I'm not going to tell you which ones! LOL Val and I will leave as soon as we can the Friday morning so we can milk it for all it's worth. It's my first CATS ever, and I know I'm going to be like a kid in a candy store. I'm planning on dividing my time between the DD booth, the stitching lounge, and the shopping alley. I'm going to start squirling away my pennies, for I know there will be stash coming home with me.:)

In non-stitching news, I have a lot planned today but little motivation to do it. I have to get some general cleaning done and start on the black hole known as my closet. I did manage to get some art cropped and copyrighted for the web site, so hopefully Robert can update it over the next few days. I will be adding new links to my links section. One of them belonging to the wonderful Teresa, whom I cannot thank enough for the lovely mention in her blog. Over 25% of my web traffic has come from her blog alone. Thank you, T! To say I'm thrilled and honored is an understatement. For have the Queen acknowledging the jester is one of the best feelings in the world.

So...Mom's stitching something I've drawn, I'm going to CATS with my soul-sister, and TW actually digs my work. Does it get any better than this?
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