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Well, I thought I found them all... 

...but it seems I found a couple of more WIPs lurking deep within the recesses of my closet.

A looooooong time ago (so long ago that she's now nearly finished) Glenda and I were stitching Gaelic Banner together, albiet loosely. I would tease her, telling her that she would finish hers waaaaaaay before me, and I would be lucky to finish mine by the time I was a grandmother. Ha! Ha! we both laughed. Harumph. Seems I wasn't kidding, as she's practically finished and I have yet to even start a splash of green. To make matters even more obscene, I've even raped my GB floss box to provide colors for other projects, so right now I have nothing left but the sad remains of what was once a proud, strong project.

How sad.

So, I was going to restore it to its past glory, until I found yet *another* WIP that lay calling from the ashes of UFO-dom; TW's Princess and Dragon. I had forumlated a way to shrink the piece to include only the princess and the castle (sorry, draggie!), and had already started the border. This all sounds very nice, except I didn't keep very good notes and now I'm puzzled to death on how I was going to do it! I've been tinkering with it since last night, and stitching on said border (and if I can't figure out the center configurations, at least I'll have a smashing border) and I think I *may* have a way to bring princess and castle together in a way that looks like something other than ick. We'll see.

I'm rather behind on Stitching Blogger's Questions, so I thought I answer another one until I catch up:

Do you collect charts by one particular designer, yet have never stitched anything by that designer? If so, which designer and why do you collect the charts but have not yet stitched any of them?

Hmm, good question. I collect charts from a lot of designers, but the question is not have I stitched any of them but have I finished any of them!
The designers I collect extensively are as follows:
Teresa Wentzler (Queen of Blends!)
Mirabilia (my all-time favorite)
Lavender & Lace (one cannot have too many Celtic maidens)
Chatelaine (I would have them all but I don't want to be broke)
Camelot Designs (the best castles in the business)
Dragon Dreams (love the castles!)
Dracolair (the non-draggie ones)
Long Dog Samplers (some of the best samplers in the business)
Victoria Sampler (just gorgeous!)
Heaven and Earth Designs (like chocolate, you can't have just one!)

Now: I have started at least two projects from all of these designers. How many finished? Three. Yep, that's it, just three! One Mira and two TW freebies. I'm almost finished with Dracolair's Celtic Cross, but since it was kitted up with Gaelic Banner the flossies are probably lurking in a Mira box somewhere (see above blogpost). I'm hoping to have two TWs, one Mira, and possibly a L&L under my belt for this year, but that may be a little ambitious. I've got to stop this insanity called rotating and stick with one project until I'm done, because I find when I rotate I lose all discipline, or at least when I rotate more than three projects. My goal this year is to not only cater to the stashoholic in me by collecting some of my favorites, but to also buckle down and actually stitch some of them. Now, that's a novel thought, isn't it?

Oh, one more thing: Singular Stitches asked a while back for a visual of our working space, and I've enjoyed looking at others so much that I thought I would post mine:

This is the left hand corner of the couch. I've tried stitching in other places, but this place feels the most comfortable.:)
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