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Artful goodness 

Started yesterday and completed this morning:

You can view the details on my art journal. Seems I have something to blog about after all.:)


Well run dry 

When I first started journaling several years ago, I could always find something to say. I had a wealth of things to draw from, and I never got tired with writing. Now, however, it seems I've hit a dry pit of words and nothing seems to appeal.

I can only imagined how bored you, dear reader, must be with me lately. I've been living, to be sure, but much of that life has not made it onto this blog.

Sigh. I hope the dryness goes away soon, for I truly do enjoy blogging. It's just that lately I don't have a whole lot to say.



Monday was Robert's birthday, and the day was nice and relaxing. For his gift, he wanted Battle for Middle-Earth II: The Collector's Edition and the graphics are out of this world! The music is gorgeous as well. Happy all around, tis us. It's awesome!

Speaking of awesome, God has really been speaking to us lately. Since Robert's illness, we've both had revelations on those things that are really important. There are some changing coming in our church, and before Robert got sick I don't know that we would have been prepared for them. God's timing being perfect, he has prepared our hearts and opened our spirits for these changes and we are in a position to help where we can. Our wonderful pastor, Pastor Steve Waldron, has been offered a full-time position with Indiana Bible College. While I am heartbroken to see him go (he was our first pastor and has been our pastor for the past 10 years) he is an amazingly smart man that has a lot to offer this college and the young men and women that attend. He is also a young man himself, being in his early fourties, and this is a great opportunity for him and Sister Waldron. Fortunately, there is a very experienced man available to step up to the plate, and that's none other than Brother Sameul Latta. Brother Latta is a legendary UPCI missionary who has also pastored many churches in his lifelong career and is an amazing man. Change is never easy, but with a lot of prayer and dedication both men have the opportunity to touch many lives with their love and the precious gospel of Jesus. Please pray for us during this time. Although we like to call it our church, the truth is that it's God's church and we just want to do His will.:)

Speaking of Brother Latta, I've had the great honor of participating in his first international broadcast. I'm on the praise team at my church, and we sing a small chorus at the very end of the broadcast. If you wish to hear it, click here (you will need to have Real Player installed). I'm the soprano and the alto and tenor are Jenna and Russ Spurgeon, our music ministers. My brother Bob is the MC of the program. I listened to it last night, and had church in my living room. Robert is Brother Latta's webmaster, so I get to hear these things firsthand. It's awesome!

Well, I'm off to get some coffee...oh wait, maybe not. We're out of coffee. Ack! Okay, perhaps I'll make do with hot chocolate...


When it rains... 

...it pours, but at least the plants get watered. Or so I said to a dear friend in an e-mail this morning.:)

Robert is doing better, but the verdict is in: gall bladder removal is in the forcast. He's schedueled for surgery Monday morning, and we are hoping this will help his pancreatitus go away. He's been in so much pain over the past week but today he seems to be doing a lot better. They have him on liquid foods, such as jello and broth (he's giving me the coffee, woohoo!). I'm tired but I'm becoming quite intimate with the lounge chair next to his bed. It's been my chaise for the past seven nights, and will continue to be so until he's out of the hospital. If it was more comfortable I'd say we were friends, but as it is we have an uneasy truce.

*Sigh*. I miss my bed but no more so than Robert. His back aches from the hospital bed and he's *so* ready to get home!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Needless to say, I'm ready for 2006 to be over.:)

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