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I'm knitting! Woot woot! 

Yes, dear ones, grab your needles and run for cover, 'cause I'm knitting again!

My camera is not hooked up (of course, when is it ever?) so I cannot post the little beauty I whipped up over the weeked, but I can at least post a link:

Bi-Color Skinny Scarf

I love Lion Brand yarn, and their novelty yarns are a blast. They may not be the hoity-toity in the royal court of knittingdom, but they do have their place amongst lowly serfs like me.

At first I didn't think I would like stitching on size 17 needles, and I was right; I didn't. It felt like I was stitching with two logs. That said, I *loved* how fast that little scarf stitched up! It took me about four hours, and it probably would not have taken me that long had I not been such a novice. The Trellis yarn was a blast to work with, but much tricker than the Fun Fur. The only change I made (and those of you who know me, you know I *had* to change something!) was to go for sky blue instead of bright blue. I also made the scarf longer than the pattern called for. I'm in the process of making some hand mitts to go with it, and when I'm done I'll give the whole ensemble to my daughter. She's already claimed the scarf, which is so long it wraps around her neck twice and still nearly drags the ground. Bwahahaha.

Having actually finished something has emboldened me to press forth and finish more. Several projects include the Voodoo wrist warmers, Fur trimmed Scarf (minus the Santa colors), and eventually a pair of socks (urp). I made one modified wrist warmer last night, and although I messed it up royally it's still wearable and actually has a buttonhole...I said, a buttonhole, people!...that I worked on at 1 AM last night. I considered it my trial run.:)

All this said, I'm off to Michaels today to get more yarn for the armwarmers, scarf, and socks. Methinks I will be in knitty heaven.
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