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LOTR knitting! Wootwoot! 

Oh my...it's true...I just discovered there is Lord of the Rings knitting!!!!!

For those of you who have been around me for longer than 15 seconds know, I am a hay-UGE LOTR fan. This story is to me what HP is to others. Narnia is fast closing in as it's equal, but LOTR will forever be my first love.

And guess what I found...a pattern for Pippin's scarf! I'm also working on a pattern for Gandalf's FotR mitts, which will be a derivative of the Voodoo wrist warmers found on Knitty. *And*, since I can't find a pattern for Mr. Tumnus's red scarf (all I've found in the authentic replica which charges $60.00-$70.00 dollars to purchase one already made. I don't think so!) I am going to work one myself. It may not be the "real deal", but by looking at the scarf from the film it looks to me to be 1x1 rib done on larger needles. And it's red! What fun.

So, my knitting project lineup officially reads as follows:

1) Pippin's Shire scarf (in slightly differing colorway)
2) Gandalf's Mitts
3) Mr. Tumnus's scarf

I am in geeky knitty heaven.:) Today I'm going to stuff myself with turkey, sweet pumpkin roll, and knit. Doesn't get any better than this!
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