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A Heartfelt Thank You 

I want to extend my biggest and most heartfelt thank you!! to all you wonderful collective. The sheer wealth of love and support I have recived these past few days has been phenomenal. I promise to answer every e-mail soon, and I just wanted to take this time to tell you all how much I truly love you. We never really know how many friends we have until times like this, and you all have shown me such dear friendship. Believe me when I say I will always treasure it.:)

I admit I've been hiding the past couple of days, but true to my warped sense of humour I was going to have my next post be "How to Not Take Care of Your Kids". I decided to table that at the moment, for I'm still not much in a laughing mood about it. I do, however, feel in much better spirits, and in some weird way this incident has made me a better mom! I spent last night on the floor playing cars with my son after my daughter went to bed, and just marvelled at how blessed I am. It doesn't get better than that, does it?

Now...on to the crafy report!(hoping Rosemary indulges my 'craftborginess' of the moment) Today, I am working on my "Arwen" wrist warmers. I wish I had a picture, but it's a simple 4x2 rib worked on straight needles which will be sewn up at the sides. The yarn I'm using is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in 'Ruby', which is possibly the most gorgeous yarn I've ever worked with. I started these yesterday after a day of total frustration working with Bamboo fiber...although it feels amazing, the stuff was giving me fits so I nixed the project and started the wrist warmers. There's really not a lot of things to knit from LOTR, so I'm coming up with stuff on my own (Pippin's scarf will be started once I get a bit more experienced). I am having such a ball at knitting the wrist/arm warmers that I plan to do one for many LOTR characters and places. I'm a geek, get over it.

Speaking of LOTR, I've recently become infatuated with podcasts and, much to my dismay, can't find a LOTR one that focuses on anything other than the games. I want to start a LOTR podcast that centers around Tolkien, the books, the movies, and the answer to the question of why I will never fully forgive Peter Jackson (those of you who know me really well already know the answer. Those that don't will have to wait for the podcast. *grin*) I want to call it "The Shire Review" to go inconjunction with the blog, and I'm thinking of having a co-host (she doesn't know it yet, but she knows who she is, that little purpledustedfairyfromYankeeland). There is only one problem...I don't know a *thing* about putting together a podcast. All I know is that I want to do one, and I guess that is half the battle. I don't know how long it will be, or even if it will spark any interest, but it will be a lot of fun.

If you have e-mailed me, be expecting an e-mail soon!:)
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