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The Moth Cocooned Until Further Notice 

Ho ho ho. Darnit.

Looks like I'm going to have to wait until after Christmas to start the Moth after all. I'm rather strapped for money at the moment, and I'm going to have to make due with what I have, and what have is either

A) not appropriate yarn for such a delicate project


B) not enough appropriate yarn for such a mammoth, delicate project (a tiny little scrap of knitting it ain't).

So, I'm going to wait until I *do* have enough funds for enough yarn for the ethereal behemoth before I begin. I was going to use the Kidsilk Night in Starlight, but now I'm toying with the idea of Alchemy's Haiku instead. When considering the yardage per skein, it's a much better deal for the buck and that's where I am these days; Clark Howarding my way through finances. Any deal is a good one, especially when it saves me pennies. Three skeins of Haiku will yeild 975 yards, while four balls of the Kidsilk Night yeilds 908. Five skeins of the Night costs more than three skeins of the Haiku, and three skeins of Haiku is enough to finish one amazing, frothy Moth. Ergo, we goes with za Haiku.

You see how penny pinching is helping my knitting? It's causing me to consider all kinds of yummy yarns that I would have never considered before, because I thought they were "too expensive". Check to yardage, friends, always check the yardage. Not all skeins are alike.

Now that I've painstakingly decided on yarn, what color? I'm really gravitating towards Platinum or Mother of Pearl, for out of all the Moths I've googled I find I'm drawn most to the lighter colored versions, much like a moth is drawn to a flame (get it?? Moth to a flame?? Hyuck! hyuck! You see, we're talking about the shawl the Moth, you know, which is named after a moth, and moths go to flames, you know, and I made the same comparison, you know, well...never mind). Anyway, I think either of these colors would be lovely, but then my inner color ho starts screaming, No! Turquoise Pool! Or Scarlet's Dark Secret! I'm even considering Dream or Foxglove, two colors I normally would not consider but would look incredible on the Moth. I'm open to suggestions, for by the time I actually get around to affording the yarn surely I'll have made up my mind.

Now: all this talk of the Moth brings me to the rules of the Moth KAL, being as that there are none. You can start the Moth when you want, finish it when you want, and take as long as you want. All this KAL does is let me know whose shoulder I can boo hoo on when I've discovered that extra yarn over 130 rounds into the pattern and I have no concievable idea how to fix it. You may not even be stitching the pattern yet, but if it's in your stash that's good enough for me.

It seems I'm a bit shawl happy, for currently on the needles is the lovely Seraphim Shawl by MimKnits. I'm knitting her in Paton's Lacette Hint of Rose, a lovely superfine yarn. I'm a tad concerned about the blocking considering it's a nylon/acrylic/mohair blend, but already it has more substance than traditional lace, so I don't think it will need to stretch as much.

Also on the needles (or soon to be, anyway) is Crazy Aunt Purl's Magic Scarf in Paton's SWS Natural Geranium. I love love love the way this stuff feels. Honestly, it feels better than silk. The only drawback is that it's even a bit bulkier than your average joe-shmoe worsted, and I tend to like finer yarns and smaller needles. But trust me...it's fabulous stuff.

Anyway, I hope to get our camera hooked up soon so I can show you all these lovelies in person. It seem to be a bonafide knitter-blogger you need to have two things: at least one cat on the premises and at least one photo in the blog post. Interest in cooking, while not a requirement, is a bonus. In my case, two out of three ain't so bad (gotta fix the lack of photographic content!).
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