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35 Things You Probably Knew 

I'm in kind of a reflective mood, so I thought I would do a little "35 things about me" post. Just in that kind of mood, I suppose.

1) I'm Southern, which means I like to gab, eat, and sit on front porches.
2) Despite being Southern, I hate grits, ice-tea, and biscuits covered in chicken-fried steak. This will get you thrown out of some counties, but I take my chances.
3) My eye color depends on who you ask: my husband will say they are blue, but my son swears they're green.
4) I have very, very dark red hair that photographs nearly black but is obviously red in person.
5) I'm very fair-skinned with freckles. 'Angel kisses', indeed.
6) Once I tried to tan by slathering Crisco all over my body and baked in the sun for three hours. It was one of the worst sunburns I ever encountered. I wish I could say I have never done anything that stupid again.
7) I have two children: a russet-haired boy with eyes like espresso beans, and a little blonde girl with eyes like cornflowers. Genetics fascinate me.
8) When my husband dies I will remain a widow, for I know I will never meet anyone who could possibly understand or love me the way he does.
9) I am a trained vocalist. My specialty in college was musical theater.
10) I have a BA in Liberal Arts. My major was theater.
11) I'm starting to enjoy some modest success with my artwork, and that's a fabulous feeling.
12) Especially considering I'm painfully insecure about my art.
13) If I had to classify myself politically, I would say I'm an indepedant-conservative.
14) My faith dictates my politics. I cannot seperate the two.
15) I'm a Christian, but not in name only; I believe the Bible is the real McCoy.
16) I love 'strange' people, those that are a little off-center and unique. I find them darling.
17) I love all colors, but pale pink seems to be my perinneal favorite.
18) My favorite TV shows are The Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, Monk, and Firefly.
19) My style can be defined as 'simple-comfort'. I'm usually found in an oversized sweatshirt, long skirt, and bare feet ('cept in winter when they scream for socks).
20) I have not cut my hair for 10 years and it's almost to my waist.
21) I am a perfume junkie! But my current favorite is Amarige. Other favorites include Heavenly, Vera Wang, and Design.
22) Origins is my favorite skincare.
23) I wear glasses mainly for reading, but because I'm always losing them I leave them on at all times.
24) I have a tattoo of a scorpion on my shoulder. I had thought about getting it removed but decided not to.
25) I am a city-girl at heart who loves small villages as long as they have a real community feel.
26) Autumn in my favorite season.
27) Yanni is my favorite musician.
28) I *heart* coffee!
29) The ocean must flow in my viens for I feel my pulse quicken when I'm near it. I love the ocean with everything I am, and yet you are doing good to even get me to wade.
30) I wish Alice was a real person and worked for me. Life would be perfect!
31) My favorite PC game is Fairies.
32) The world seems a lot less fun without Steve Irwin. I will always miss him.
33) I drink Diet Coke.
34) I don't eat sushi.
35) White chocolate or dark? Yes.

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