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I'm feeling autumn in my bones. Oddly enough, it happens every spring, perhaps because spring and autumn are my seasons.

I love spring for the obvious; the rebirth of everything, the newness that blooms on every plant and bush, and the expectancy of joy that shines forth. Rather than New Year's, this is the time when I make new resolutions. Spring sings to me in a sweet melody that leaves me happy. Today as I walked in Barnesville, touching the black Narnian lamposts that line Main Street, my heart was ready to say goodbye to winter and embrace it's flowering sister.

But autumn...words can barely describe the magic of that season for me. Perhaps it is because I am an autumn-child in every respect; I was born in November and wear fair skin, blue-green eyes, and auburn hair. And yes, I also sport the dreaded freckles that so many times plauge fair-skin, but God saw fit to give them to me so I deal with them. And although I love all colors, I find lately I've been painting more with the firey hues of oranges, reds, and golds.

Even the scents I prefer are autumnal; apples, cinnamons, and pumpkin often adorn my body and scent my home. Right now I am wearing CB's Gathering Apples, and it is glorious. I am feeling all red and rosy. Perhaps it is the rain that is aiding in these autumnal feelings, for the sky is slightly gray and comforting.

If only I had a fireplace I would be snuggled before it, coffee in hand and a Enya's 'The Celts' CD in the stereo. Ah, well, if I must forgo the fire, then I shall at least let the Celts woo me; then, my autumn world will be complete...
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