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Le Big Hairy Sigh 

Okay, I would say that today sux to be me, but I'm in too good of a mood.

Go figure.

Yesterday I was completely under the weather. Indigestion, heartburn, nausea, the whole shibang. I took some medicine which made me feel like lead and so sleepy! So basically I had no energy for anything. This morning I wake up, am feeling a lot better, and to make long story short: the cat gets outside.

Now, you have to understand: we do *not* let our cats outside. When we lived at our old place we used to let them roam with abandon, but the day one of them came home sick and died that stopped. I don't know if Gideon had gotten into something or if he just got sick (he only had one kidney, we later discovered) but it's my opinion he drank some anti-freeze or something of the like. In consideration, we now live on a very busy road and just two days earlier the neighbor's cat, Fat Girl, got hit and killed (and I loved that cat!). So, no more going outside for our kitties. And the few times one has gotten outside, it's sheer murder to get them back in.

So here I am, running down the front steps, shrieking at the top of my lungs, fussing at kids who stood there with door wide open while yakking to each other, and fussing at cat to please, "whatever you do, do NOT go into the bushes! Oh my Lord, there he goes, into the bushes!" when I am promptly informed that there are bunnies under there, yes people, bunnies! Of course, one of said bunnies decided to high-tail it out of there once El Gato Diablo Negro comes crashing in on its parade. One child (not mine, the neighbors) starts saying, "Don't let him get the other bunny!" and me, in my flustered state, snaps back, "Who cares about the bunny? I just have to get that cat back inside!" which, of course, I do care about the bunny, but all I can think about is how on EARTH am I going to get Julius out of those bushes with a twisted ankle (which I did while I was flying down the steps, you understand). I shooed David and Jessi back in the house and while Justin kept tabs I went inside and grabbed some kitty treats. I came back outside and went to the end of the bushes, pumping the brand new store-bought treats in the air, all the while hollaring, "KITTY TREATS! COME GET KITTY TREATS!" like a madwoman. Fortunately, Julius had been jonesing for them long enough, for he scuttled out from the bushed and took a beeline right towards me. I scooped him up and hauled him inside, all the while fussing at him for getting out, and at kids for letting him out, something like this: "JuliusstupidcatyouKNOWyournotsupposedtogetout!andyoukids,youknowyouarenotsupposedtostandtalkingwiththedooropenhowmanytimes

Nice, calm, and sane, yep, that's me.

So anyway, I promptly plopped Julius in the kitchen, where I shook my fist at him, fussed at him some more, and then in my relief promptly gave him a kitty treat. Hey, I don't have SUCKER written across my forehead for nothing.

So now, I'm nursing a sore ankle amongst other pains but at least the kids and cats are now settled. And the bunnies that have decided to take up residence in my yard (yes, we have bunnies! How cute is that?) are safe. I have not seen them for a while so I thought maybe they moved on, but I guess not (of course, after coming face to face with El Gato Diablo Negro they might change their minds). One bunny in particular lives in our huge flowering lantana bush in the back yard, but they like to frolic in the front yard bushes too. They are *so* cute, and I'm happy to have them as yardmates.

Anyway, methinks all my pain and anguish calls for sock yarn prOn, don't you?

I present Dreams In Color Smooshy sock yarn:

Stange Harvest

November Muse

Aren't they *luscious*? I particularly love November Muse, because of the rich chocolately redwoody brown and also it's my birth month. And I love Strange Harvest because it reminds me of October, which is my favorite month. I'm kind of weird and spooky that way. Of course, I also fell in love with the "Lipstick Lava" colorway, but I already have two different red sock yarns coming to me. How many red socks do I need, anyway (don't answer that). Right now, I'm waiting for Brown Sheep Wildfoot Luxery Sock Yarn 'Blue Blood Red' and JaggerSpun Super Lamb 'Cardinal'. Woohoo! Love me some socks. And although not socks, I am also planning to start Icarus in the fall using JaggerSpun Zephyr 'Ruby' (however, I have to finish the Moth first, which is being knitted in Alchemy Haiku 'Platinum').

See? Told ya I was into red! Anyway, I'm off to catch up on some podcasts. Bye!

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