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Ouchie Feeling Better 

As you may recall, yesterday I twisted my ankle after trying to chase down El Gato Diablo Negro. Last night I spent with it wrapped in an ace bandage, propped up on a pillow, eating Advil and watching Brady Bunch DVDs. While was feeling better, it still hurt.

Fortunately, it's not nearly as bad this morning. I'm walking on it fine, and there is just the teensiest bit of bruising. Julius, El Gato blah blah is not at all remorseful for causing the maid his hooman mommy pain. I mean, what did he care? He still got a kitty treat out of the whole ordeal.

*Sigh* Thank God I don't spoil my kids the way I do my cats, or there would be no peace in this house ever. I want my children to grow up to be respectful adults, not kitty-treat addicted felines.

Oh, well.

I started Cookie A's Monkey sock last night with Brown Sheep's Wildfoote Blue Blood Red. It's moving along swimmingly. However, due to my incredibly humongous voluptuous calves, I will only be knitting 3 rounds of the lace pattern instead of 6 in hopes of achieving a tall anklet. I can't say how much I love this pattern, and the yarn. The design looks very leafy, and the color has 'Arwen Elven Princess' written all over it. It's just perfect for me.:)

Speaking of Arwen, I need to finish the Fellowship DVD. I started it the other day and got so tired I had to go to bed. I ended it at the Council of Elrond, one of my favorite scenes (gotta love Sean Bean as Boromir).

Later gators.

FulCaf is feeling goofy

PS: Last night I was talking to my beloved little faery, and I told her she keeps me sane. She was very frightened to hear that...

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