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A Choice to be Thankful 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a beautiful holiday to me, for it gives me more cause to reflect over my life than even New Year's. I can look back at what has happened over the year, and see where I am now and where I want to be before the year is over.
Of course, sometimes being thankful for something is a choice. We can have warm, fuzzy feelings for something and be thankful for it, but when the fuzziness is gone, are we still thankful? Being thankful is so much more a state of mind than a feeling. It's a mental expression of what you appreciate, whether or not you "feel" thankful for it. We can let so many things slip us by if we do not take the time to acknowledge those things of which we can truly be thankful.

I choose to be thankful for:

1) My God and my faith: Jesus has been my Light for nearly 13 years, and He has been by my side through everything. He love, His honesty, and His caring have kept my life sane. Even when I step off of His path, He is always there, loving and beckoning.

2) My family: Their unfailing love and closeness lifts me up and surrounds me with love.

3) My church family: They are an amazing people who I am proud to call brothers and sisters.

4) My husband: This man certainly deserves a shout-out all to his own. He has been with me through it all: through the party-days with the GTA, the days of 'growing-up' and saving for a house, the days of uncertainty, the days we walked those precious first steps as baby Christians, the birth of two precious children, the days of growth and change, the days of spiritual maturity (and those of immaturity, which can come when we lose focus), to today, a time of of physical and mental frailty which grows stronger every day. He is an intense man, anointed of God and my soul-mate, who stands by me every day.

5) My friends: You know who you are. Thank you for your love! And thanks for making me smile.:)

Life has been very interesting for me lately, but there is one thing I choose never to forget: Life is good. God is good. I choose to by thankful, and through this choice a bountiful life will emerge.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Love and light to you and your families!:)
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