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Still Painting... 

I had a loooooooong, detailed post exhorting the joys of watercolours, but Blogger ate it. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! So, without further ado, you get the condensenced version:

Been painting. Using watercolours. Love 'em. Chickened out and used colored pencils for the skin on latest piece, but it looks good so I'm not complaining.

Presenting the "Azure Fae", finished but fifteen minutes ago (and here's hoping the acrylic sparklies are dry or my scanner bed is going to be a mess):

Well, three down and seven to go. See ya Monday!


A Quick Promise 

I don't have much time, for I'll be jetting off to church for a meeting in just a few minutes. However, I feel that what I have to say is so important that it just cannot wait.

As someone who is contemplating the possibility of joining the profession art world, I need all of the encouragement and inspiration I can get. I have been perusing many artists over the past few days, trying to get a "feel" of what is considered marketable quality. I have been astounded and overjoyed at many of the images that have met my eyes, and quite delighted that so many talented people have chosen to share their talents to the public.

I did, however, find a painting that took what I hold dearest in the world and proceeded to stomp it into the ground. I realize that art is designed to make people think, but it left me feeling very cold and, in turn, rather unappreciative of the artist. What this piece did inspire in me, however, was a desire to build up rather than destroy in my work and to share things of light and joy rather than finger pointing and disgust. That is not to say I will never paint something profound or even sad (there has been some events that have happened over the past couple of days that have left me feeling very folorn, indeed, and scared for my nation). On the whole, I will use my artwork to hopefully lift up, beautify, and inspire, and never, *ever* to accuse or tear down.

This is a promise I make to you all. There is enough pain and madness in the world as it is; there is no need to add to it through the beautiful medium of Art.

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Tea Time 

I was so encouraged by the responses I received on Monarch Faery that I spent the better part of today painting. I'm really out of practice (I used to paint with oils *all the time* but it's been several years since I've really focused on the medium) and I know it's going to take a lot of hard work to get back in the groove, but so far so good.

Here is today's accomplishment, titled appropriately, "Tea Time":

Chocolate chip cookies, anyone? LOL!

Here is a closer look at the sparklies, which are not as obvious nor as white as they appear:

The sparkles are two shades of pink, and while they shimmer in the original they are just a bit more sublte than the digipic. But only just a little.:)

My goal is to create ten paintings and then set up a new art site, but for now I'll be happy just to get more proficient in watercoloring.

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Spring is Sprung! (and I'm Painting Again) 

At least that's what they tell me. Georgia can never seem to make up its mind.

Well, mah Freaky Dahlings, tonight I discovered something about myself: I am not a watercolorist, no matter how much I envision myself to be. I am most comfortable with oil paints or colored pencils, but there is something about watercolor that attacts me. I particularly like the Dr. Ph. Martin's Radient Concentrated Water Colors, for they come in such wonderful, neon shades. I am also intrigued by watercolor pencils, although I'll be hanged if I can figure out how to use them properly; tonight as I used them I just kind of faked my way through it!

Inspite of my bumbling attempt at working with the blasted things, I did manage to produce a painting I'm rather proud of (after an evening of muttering to myself, "How do these things blend???" over and overand over). I promised Angi I would paint her something, so before I painted hers I needed to get in some practice time. I don't claim it to be the best I can do, but for one of my watercolor attempts it's not bad.

Voila! La Monarch Faery:

You can make out a little of the iridescent acrylics I used for the sparklies, so while they are subtle in real life they simply pop under the flash of the digicam:

Here is a detail pic:

Frankly, I didn't know what to call her, so I named her the Monarch Faery due to the fact that her skirt looks like the wings of a monarch butterfly (completely unintentional, I assure you. I was going for taffeta).

I want to continue watercoloring, but I really can't wrap my brain about how these things work. With oils and pencils, you can layer colors in nice, even blends that show no demarcation. With watercolors, the suckers zap dry before you even have time to blink. It's a pain, but for whatever reason I'm smitten.

Hah. Let's see how long the love affair lasts.



I Heart Dinky-Dyes! 

Yesterday I was sick. Not "oh,looky here, I have a bit of a sniffle" sick, but "OhMyGoodnessIJustThrewUpMyStomach" kind of sick. Too much Hondourian pork casserole from the International Day dinner at church. It was awesome, but I ate my weight of the stuff (which is no small thing) and I paid for it dearly. Needless to say, that is why Rosie has not had an update on her blog as well...she has the same thing, you understand.

Anyway, I will go ahead and announce my great news, which I've already circulated on a couple of boards: I'm going to be designing for Dinky-Dyes!! Jo contacted me after Nashville and asked if I would be interested in becoming a designer for her company. Her silks are absolutley amazing, so of course I said Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm so jazzed I can't stand it, and if I felt better I would expotulate over and over how thrilled I am for this opprotunity. As it is, I'm still a tad weak so my venture at the computer won't be very long today.

Here is a link to Jo's site: Dinky-Dyes

Here is a link to Jo's board: Dinky-Dyes Bulletin Board

Go and enjoy! And yes, now I can actually say: I am affiliated! LOL

And, to make my achey head feel better, I will share with you the picture of the day:

That should send my Legolas-loving neice into a tizzy, but it sure makes me feel better.

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