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The Ick Strikes Again 

Well, Freaky Dahlings, it's been a sneezy kind of weekend. I've been sick the past few days. Not the "oh,-looky-there-I-have-a-sniffle" kind of sick, but the "OMG-I-think-my-head-is-going-to-explode!!" kind of sick.


I was very excited when my oldest started school, but no one told me that frequent illness would be a part of the bargain. I swear, ever since he started K-4 it's as if I'm walking around with a huge sign on my forehead that screams in sing-song, "YOOHOO!!! DISEASE, SICKNESS, AND GERMS!! LOOKIT ME, LOOKIT ME!! I'M A MOM, AND YOU KNOW I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY TIME THAN TO BE SICK AND CHASE AFTER CHILDREN ALL DAY LONG!! YOU KNOW HOW I REALLY NEED ALL THOSE GERMY LITTLE PARTIES YOU USE TO WRECK HAVOC IN MY NOSE AND SINUSES!!! NOTICE MY FRESH, CLEAN TRACHEA, ALL SWEPT OUT AND WAITING FOR YOUR FLEGHM BUDDIES TO TAKE UP RESIDENCE!! GERMS!! HERE I AM!! COME AND GET ME!! YOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Faugh. I spit penicillin in their general direction.

It would seem I've survived this bought of the ick only to live to face another bought of ick on another day. The upside of all this is that I was able to organize my stitching projects, something I love to do. I think I enjoy fondling all the beautiful fabrics/flossies/beads more than actually stitching with them, but that's a quirk I've never bothered to address. The truth is, whatever gets finished this year gets finished and what doesn't, well, doesn't. No worries here. I mean, I'm trying to focus on the mammoth task of losing 80 pounds for cryin' out loud; I'm not going to let a little thing called cross stitching stress me out.

Scha. Remind me of that when I'm boo-hooing over how many projects I have going and how I can't get *anything* finished, blahblahblah yaddayaddayadda ad nauseum.

I have, however, in my nauseated state managed to create some funky little blinkies, which came out rather neat if I do say so myself. You can find them on my Blinkies page or, for your viewing pleasure, I will post them as follows:

Ain't it the truth?? Considering I have more Chatelaines going this year than any other designer, I would say it's pretty much spot on.

Only when working with dark fabric, thankyewverymuch.

There are more of us out there than you think, and we are proud of it!


This is for those of you disciplined ones who can actually *stick* to a rotation. I'm hopeless.

Hey, my kind of project! No wonder I love Chatelaines so much.

I've got some more coming, but the combination of creating blinkies whilst having the common cold and listening to the stream of endless reruns of 'The Brady Bunch' blew a hole in my brain and I'm taking a short blinkie break, at least until the hole mends.

Which could be, oh, next Tuesday. Or sooner. But whose counting?

Oh well. Off to excercise. Hey, on second thought, maybe *that's* what's making me sick! Perhaps I ought to lay off the aerobics and stuff myself with some deep dish pizza a'la comfort food and give my mouth a workout instead.

Puh-leeze. I should be so lucky.

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What Lies Within the Well 

As I sit here in the early hours of the morn musing over the past year's events (and yesterday's quiz entry), I have stumbled across somethings about myself that I never really knew. There have been things I've always assumed to be true, but for some inexplicable reason I've had an epiphany that has made me examine myself a little closer. Some of these realizations are little things, fun and inconsequential to world events, but others truths lay deep beneath the surface and have taken me rather aback.

May I share with you what I have found:

1) I had always thought my favorite season was autumn, but in truth it is spring.

2) I really do not mind hot weather, as much as I've claimed to hate it.

3) Pale pink is still my favorite color, but I'm not adverse to red as I once thought.

4) I am incredibly vain, although I thought I was the most modest person in the world.

5) I need God more than ever.

6) I have a covetous spirit, something I desperately need to place under the blood of Jesus.

7) I have a severe addiction to chocolate cupcakes.

8) I might actually enjoy fly fishing.

9) I care far too much what people think about me, and it makes me miserable when someone is peeved with me. I used to think I didn't care, but I find I do. Terribly.

10) I have a hard time removing myself from painful situations. I used to think I would just walk away, but it's not always that easy.

11) I am stronger than I ever thought I was, but only in God.

12) I crave my Floridian childhood.

13) I am constantly changing, even though I hate change; perhaps I do not hate it as much as I thought I did.

14) I used to think I liked cats and dogs equally, but I faaaaaaaaar prefer cats.

15) I am beginning to really love purple, a color I have never really cared for.

16) I used to think of Liv Tyler is a total ditz as herself (and still do), but as Arwen she is easily the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world.

17) I get so lonely it hurts.

18) I wish they made affordable hippie clothes for fat people, because I realize I love tie-dye and sandals.

19) My style is totally Shabby Chic when it comes to decorating, although I can't really afford it. Who knew I'd like all that white?

20) I bleed inside for the lost and I wish everyone knew the truth of Christ. I just wish I had what it takes to witness like I should.

Tis true that this is just a sampling, but it begs the question: how well do we really know ourselves? How well do we know others? Are we happy to accept what we think about ourselves to be true, or are we willing to dig a little deeper to see what really lies within the well? Most of the things I've listed above are fluffy, but some of them shocked me to my very core. Me, vain?? Me, lonely?? Sometimes, the answers to these questions are undoubtedly yes. I always saw myself as a happy-go-lucky, not-a-care-in-the-world kind of person, but there are moments when I do feel heavy and alone. I don't mean to imply I'm a depressed personality, but there is indeed a new gravity to my character that has evolved out of the events of the preceding year. Maybe it's to my maturity and maybe it's for my betterment; time will tell.

Yes, indeed, time will tell. It will be up to me, alas, to hear what it says.

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Quiz Time! 

What Kind of Girl Are You?
You're the innocent girl next door. You are
friendly, cheerful, kind, and happy. You like
to spread your happiness around making people
feel warm and joyous. To do this you like to
bake cookie and muffins while giving kind
compliments. Plus you actually give apples to
your teachers. You're pure and innocent and
most likely haven't broken many rules. Everyone
loves you. How can they not?

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, how I wish! What a lovely way to be.:)

Let's take one more just to be sure:

What The Girl Inside of You?
You are Sweet

are a very caring person. You are willing to
help anyone that has troubles, that's what
everyone loves about you. People come to you
for reassurance, especially in times of trouble
or need. You are a simple person too, down to
earth, and as long as you're happy, you can
live life whichever way you want. You love
many, and you are loved by many, good job! And
most likely, you'll be a very loving mother, or
wife!Please Rate!

What's The Girl Inside of You? .:BEAUTIFUL Anime Pics:. (FIXED once more!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Well! Seems the jury's sold on that one. I'll take it!

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I feel like something the cat threw up.

Last week I restarted my Body-For-Life regime, and I'm proud to say that with the exception of an extended free day (read "the whole weekend") I am proud to say I stuck with the program. This is my second week of weight training and aerobics, and today I combined upper body weights with lower body cardio.


Someone smack me. Please. It might ease the pain.

Oh, well. You know what they say about 'no pain, no gain', and may I puh-leeze get to smack the first person who quotes that to me, especially in a chipper tone with a wide ol' smile of his or her skinny face?

Yeesh, I hate being fat!

Huh. Getting Jennifer Lopez's deriere and Jennifer Garner's abs is not going to be as easy as I thought. Perhaps I should shoot for something a little less ambition. Shoot, at this point I'll just be happy to look a little less like Michael Moore in a skirt, for the love of pete.

Please, o please, just pray for me to keep my sanity while living in this iron-pumping world I've carved out for myself. And, seeing as I'm going to try to move up from 10 pounds to 15, just pray I don't end up dropping one on my toe.

Then again, a broken toe might be just the excuse I need to lay on the couch for a while and, while not actually scarfing Snickers bars, at the very least dream about them.



A Day Well Spent 

Today was *wonderful*. It was my favorite kind of day: overcast, cool without being cold, breezy without being windy, and filled with good fellowship.


We went to visit Ken and Julie, friends of ours we have known for years. I first met Ken during his pre-Julie days when we were theater majors at Brenau University, and I started dating his best friend. Well, the best friend moved on but another took his place, the one who turned out to be Robert, the complete love of my life. So, needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) Ken never got rid of me after that first fateful meeting.:) Due to the fact, however, that we all get along smashingly well, I don't think anyone is any worse for wear.

They live in a gorgeous older home smack dab in the middle of high Atlanta, in a place Ken describes as 'the Hood'. While the area does, indeed, smack rather 'hoodish', the Wrights have carved out for themselves a wonderful home whose colorfully painted walls and Celtic/Goth decor left me squealing for joy. I didn't realize how much Julie and I had in common, especially in regards to our decorating style. She loves Celtic and Medieval, as do I, and I need to ask her where she finds her things because it's not as if I can go into my local Target and find Gothic arches or Celtic wall sconces. Being in Atlanta and coming from the theater scene, Julie is in a far better position to help me find those kinds of wares than your average shopper in Stockbridge.

Not only do we share a similar decorating sense, but we also share the same worries and woes faced in child rearing. Are our children 'normal'? Are we good enough mothers? Why didn't these precious bundle of joys come with how-to manuals? Does the terrible-threes ever end? Is it *always* going to be maintenance control and trial and error, or are we ever going to 'get it'? Those of you that are parents, you know the drill. We both eventually discovered that no, there is not a how-to manual, and yes, our children are normal, and yes, we are good enough mothers, even with our flaws and insecurities. We love our children and we do the best for them; no one can expect of themselves more than that.

As far as the children went, they had a total blast. They chased each other thoughout the house in reckless abandon, occasionally shrieking at each other in total glee. The wooden train tracks were an instant success, and with Ken and Julie's toddler happily ensconsed with the companionship of our two Wild Ones, they were able to sit and relax and have adult conversation. Every parent's dream, I assure you.

We are now home, well fed and extremely content. It's wonderful to have good friends, and even more wonderful to actually get to spend time with them. This was a day well spent, indeed.



A Little Belated Christmas Cheer 

For the Christmas season, my darling husband created for me a series of Christmas cards inspired by our love for The Lord of the Rings. Now, you have to understand...Tolkien and ourselves go way back. I read The Hobbit before I even knew what a hobbit was, and the book (and now the movies) The Lord of the Rings is presented so much like a "history" that it does not even have a "fantastical" feel to me anymore. Tolkien was even instrumental in introducing C.S. Lewis to Christ, a fact that is well known but goes untold in the film version's appendicies (it quotes Lewis as being an atheist, which he was when Tolkein met him but became a Christian through their association. Alas I digress...).

Anyway, Robert thought I might enjoy these, and enjoy them I did. I thought I would share them with you all, in hopes of spreading a little belated Christmas cheer. One note, however; view them with a sense of humour.

Le Dwarf says:

Le Hunky Gondorian says:

Les Wee Ones say:

Le Really Really Scary One says:

Les Gorgeous Blondes say:

And please, no double entendres on the last card, thank you very much! Although, if truth be told, I have a sneaking suspicion that the last one was created as a sort of thumb in my ear from my darling hubby in light of what he calls my "fawning" over Haldir. Harumph. I don't fawn over Haldir, do I? Well, do I???

Hmm. On second thought, don't answer that...




When In Doubt: Think Pink 

Well, it seems I've come through 2004 relatively unscathed, if somewhat wiser for the journey. I've made some wonderful friends, lived through my son's disappearence/re-appearence, enjoyed my parent's 50 wedding anniversary, my husband's 40th birthday, lived through my son's first few weeks of pre-school, and belatedly started potty training my daughter, a feet I shall spare you all of the details (to which I am sure you are most grateful).

Despite my inconsitency in formerly mentioned potty training, I have survived them all and lived to tell the tales. I suppose one might say I'm somewhat no worse for wear, but depending on my mood that point is debatable. Of course, I will elaborate a bit more on any choice details I see fit to share, but after tweaking and re-tweaking my new template my energy is zapped. Word to the wise: never try to play computer after a rigorous excercise session. Sleep will ultimately prevail.

I also intend to upload some new artwork onto A Paler Shade of Pink, which has somehow morphed into my art journal. I'm very comfortable sharing my sketches and works in progress there, so from now on that is where you can find them. Yes, I know, I can see many of you rolling your eyes and wishing I would just stay put in one place, for the love of pete, but considering my bouncing around soothes my inner-artist I just have to plead the 5th and pray you all stay with me until I finally get 'settled'.

Hah. All this internet travel from a woman who absoutely hates change. You'd think I'd find one "home" and stick with it.

Ah well...plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...

Until tomorrow. It feels good to be back.

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