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Last week I recieved two wonderful surprises. Both of them touched my heart very much and I so want to share!

One of the surprises was a lovely bookmark hand made by the very lovely Mary. Hopefully I'll get a chance to scan it in later, but trust me, it's beautiful. It has a little fairy on it, and all shades of colors. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Mary!

On Saturday, I recieved an anonymous package from someone that contained two bottles of V'Tae Lemon Rose body lotion and two bottles of Lemon Rose perfume. I was stunned. The only return address is a P.O. box from somewhere in Atlanta, but with the way anonymous gifts go it could have been sent from anyone via a carrier. Some of you may remember I blogged about this not to long ago, and you can imagine my total and complete surprise by recieving such a gift. I have no idea who sent it, but I want to thank you! thank you! thank you!:):):)

WG had a very insightful post on her blog yesterday, one that defintely warrants observation. Since what she describes actually happened on the Mirabilia board, I would like to reiterate a little about a troll I banned from the board not long ago. This troll called herself Avida, and she was a pretty nasty piece of work. One of my regular posters commented on how much she loved a chart and would basically have to content to drolling because she couldn't afford it right now. Avida-troll makes a comment that if she can give a sob story can she get stash too? Okay, so it may seem like an honest question, but frankly, I do not think an honest question asked with a vicious intent warrants any kind of consideration from me. My job is to help create a pleasant and safe environment for Mirabilia stitchers, and that is what I am going to do. As long as the content of a post falls within the board guidelines, a poster is allowed to post whatever they wish. She (or he) should be able to expect to be protected and respected, not attacked or singled out by wandering trolls. If someone thinks (such as the case of Avida or whatever the troll's name was) that someone is begging for stash through a sob story, then my suggestion would be to ignore the thread and not try to stir up trouble. Of course, all anyone saw was her honest question, but no one saw what she posted once she was banned. True to trollish behavior, she created another name, came back to the same thread, and posted the following:

Stupid B***h! Can't keep me off this board. I have a right to express my opinions just like everyone else. H****** is a whiney little witch and she doesn't deserve free stuff.

Needless to say, this thread was promptly moved to our Archives forum. I'm a pretty good judge of character, which is why the I knew Avida's original question was not honest to begin with once I found out about it. And, of course, she proved her true colors by such a 'lovely' response once I banned her. I have *zero* tolerance for stuff like this. Period. And I've said it before, but if I find out Avida is a regular from another board I will expose that person on all the boards, along with the flaming posts she has made that are now nicely archived.

So: while some people may present sob stories in hopes of getting stash, it's certainly not my first thought. I guess I'm just naive, but when I see people post about how they love certain designs but can't afford them and just need to be content to drool, my first thought is how I can *so* relate to that situation! I've posted things very similar to that myself, except my posts usually involve hand dyed fabrics. LOL! But when I've found out that stitchers have got together to make a gift to that person, or other people, 'just because', my heart is warmed. If someone is truly trying to get stash out of others, well, that is on them; I've been completley scammed and burned by a stitcher before many years ago, so I know there are some true lemons out there. However, in the case of sobbing for stash, I've never gotten those vibes on my board, especially not in the previously mentioned situation. But maybe that's just me.

It is true that stash will not solve problems, nor will it replace the real blessings in our lives. That said, I know how a totally unexpected package, no matter how small, has completely brightened my day and reminded me that I have friends all over the globe. And friends, as we all know, are truly blessings indeed.

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Works in Progress! 

Well, I did it. I now have an up-to-date, bonafide, offical cross stitch works in progress page once again. And the crowd goes wild!

Da link:
Click Me

I went ahead and uploaded The Kiss as well as Deepest Love, since I'm actually working on them both. Once they are finished, I'll get my Stitching Journal page finished, and then my Finished page. Woot! That will be a glorious day, indeed.:)

I'm off to do some laundry, fix something for dinner (maybe pizza?) and then stitch some more! I think I'll finish the Deepest Love bodice before I move on to the Kiss, unless I get the ocean bug and decide to work on DL until she's finished.

I'm feeling: Productive. Go me!



It sounds like the name of an exotic heroine in a Bollywood film, but it's not; it's personality mapping, baby!

I had a lot of fun playing with the personality of Madame Dementia, and thought I would set one up for myself. I have no idea if I've done it right, so if I've goofed be kind (I'm no good around grids, which is what makes my adaptness for cross stitching so unusual).

I've created a window of my own, which you can find here:
Prin's Johari Window

So...if you want, tell me what you think! I'm pretty curious to know.:)

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Blues and Blessings 

Good morning, freaky dahlings. Today's list: The Blues and Blessings of the Unpredictable February.

The Blues:

1) Bad memories from last February still linger.

2) I'm tired.

3) I lost a friend.

4) Aunt Flo decided to visit early.

5) I'm unmotivated.

6) I'm tired (so tired it's worth mentioning twice).

7) I want to snuggle in bed but I have to get out in the cold.


I want to go to Toronto. Why Toronto? Dunno. I've heard it's beautiful. It's a place I've wanted to visit for 24 years, so I figure it's as good as time as any to want to go. Of course, I'm not going to get to go, but it's nice to think about it all the same.

Now for The Blessings:

1) God is still on His throne.

2) My children are healthy and precious to me.

3) My husband is one hot gorgeous dude.

4) My cats absolutely, unconditionaly adore me regardless of my messy hair, sloppy sweatshirt, and morning breath.

5) Steaming hot coffee is waiting for me right around the corner.

6) The litter boxes are clean and my house smells like Glade "Country Garden" air freshener.

7) The earth is still turning on it's axis and we are not spinning out of control into a black void never to be seen or heard of again.

Hmm...that last one pretty much tops it so I'll leave it at that.

Oh, but I did think of one more blessing:

8) I get one more day to work on Deepest Love and then I can start my official online WIP gallery. It's been so long since I've had one I almost don't know what to think.

How 'bout tha. My blessings outweigh my blues.

I'm feeling: hopeful


On-line Again 

Arrgh, I hated missing my entry yesterday! But not my fault, promise; my computer decided to play Let's Keep Stacey Guessing and kept bumping me off line, until it finally would not let me on anymore no matter what I did. Since I am Total Gurl around computers, I had to wait until hubby sailed home, fixed everything, and saved the day.

I am such a totally helpless chick-maiden when it comes to computers. What can I say? I like pink.

It's funny, but I didn't realize how much blogging has meant to me lately. It's been rather comforting. It's my way of staying communitive, even if I don't have a lot to say on the boards. Of course, the irony is that while yesterday I was chock-a-block with things to talk about, today leaves me humming aimlessly with little to say. Go figure. So, I'll try to make a little list of things I could talk about but don't really have the energy to expound on:

1) Took David to school. Forgot it was Career Day and had him dress in plain old jeans and T-shirt that reads "Praising Little Pentecostal". Told him to tell them "I want to be godly when I grow up". That'll work.

2) Took Jessi to Publix and Hobby Lobby. Bought four skeins of yarn: one pale pink, one light raspberry, one dark coffee brown, and one black. Have no idea what I'm going to do with them.

3) Heard on every freakin' talk show and news station about the Vice-President accidentally shooting a fellow hunter. Heard the story, don't get the big deal, really.don't.care. Moving on.

4) Listening to Jessi watch Barbie: The Nutcracker on DVD as I write this. Pretty graphics, pretty music. Wish I could draw like that.

5) Caught up on some blogs. Good stuff.

6) No word on Laura's memorial service. Missing her. Still can't believe she's gone.

7) Later today: bills. Ick.

8) Got a sugar high by emersing myself in uber-cute 'n' sweet emoticons.

9) On the night-time potty training front: not going good. Tired. Need sleep.

On another subject, I have a question on Comments netiquitte: is it best to respond to someone in the comments box, or to e-mail them? I've seen several bloggers do it both ways, but I'm curious if there is a "right" way to do it. Anyone?

My mood: sleepy



It's been a long weekend. It was pretty good, but I don't feel rested. In truth, I'm exhausted.

The fact that I'm night training my daughter as far as potty habits go is helping contribute to my tiredness. Despite the fact that she is not completely trained (and I'm dreading those bouts with 'No. 2) I have bit the bullet and decided no more trainers. I've finally figured out she has been using them as a crutch, and frankly so have I. She'll be four in August, and since she knows how to go 'No. 2 in the potty but just *won't*, I've decided it's high time to nix the trainers altogether.

So far, I have found she wets the bed at 3 AM and again at 6 AM, which means I need to get her up at 3 and 6 to get her trained. Oh yay. But, if it takes quickly, it will be so worth it. I'm also hoping once she is night trained that maybe, hopefully, she will decide that Mommy is right and it really is gross to go poopola in the pants and she'll use the potty all the time.

Pray for me.

On stitchier things, I'm hoping to have a picture of mermaid to post by the middle of this week. It will be nice to have an on line stitching diary again to track my progress. So far, this piece has been very soothing to work on. For that, I am grateful.

Today is the memorial service at Neil's for Laura. I really wish I could be there.



I'm up insanely early, due to the fact that my children are wide-awake (it seems to be a law of nature that they can't *possibly* sleep past 6 AM on Saturday mornings) and also because I had the freakiest dream I've had this week. It has left me feeling displaced and edgy.

How many of us are actually willing to practice what we preach? Are you? Am I? When we feel wronged, do we lash out or do we let it go? The Bible teaches for us to let an offense end with the offender; in other words, when you feel you have been wronged do not add insult to injury by retaliating in kind. Stop and let it go. We want people to understand us, but so many times we are not willing to understand them.

Are you honestly willing to do that, or do you choose to hold on to your hurts? I ask myself this same question, and remember: whenever you point a finger at someone you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Perhaps if we remembered those three fingers of self-rebuke we would be better people.

I don't know what is with me this morning...maybe I'm just feeling a little freaked from my dream but I'm feeling something in the air. Something ominous. Maybe it's because Laura's service is today and the finality of everything is coming to a close. Last night I was so worn out that I went to bed at a little before ten, which is very early for me. I really wanted to go to bed at nine, but I just couldn't bring myself do something so insane. I thought the sleep would do me good, but I'm just feeling awful in my spirit. I need to go pray.

Be good to each other this weekend. Say a prayer for someone. Light a candle. Give a hug. Toast a glass.

Life is great, so celebrate.



Gone stitching. See you at noon.

* * *

Well, my DSL crashed so I haven't been able to get back on until now, which is 5 PM Eastern time. I don't have anything significant to show, but I promise I'll post my progress after a week.

I've been working on Deepest Love for a couple of hours this morning, and I've been thinking about the past couple of years. I've also been thinking about some convictions I've had and, in some degree, still have in regards to my stitching.

I used to be very convicted against stitching anything fantasy, and that means *anything* fantasy. God had brought me to a place where I had to give all that up to get focused on Him, as well as not causing some of my brothers and sisters to stumble. I came out of some very heavy paganism, as well as a sort of 'worship' of fantasy; it was pretty much my life. When I came to God, He asked me to give all that up and so I did.

See, sometimes He will ask things of us to help us for our own cleansing, and to free us from any bondage we happen to be under. For me, it was the cleansing of all things fantasy. It was a time for me to grow in my faith and to be, quite simply, obedient to my Lord. He had asked something simple of me, and frankly He was worth the sacrifice. This was a personal conviction of mine, and one I held very strongly.

Fast forward several years: I find God allowing me a little more freedom in regards to the subject. I guess it's because I can live without it, and it is no longer a hinderance in my life. I have also learned that not all fantasy is equal. There is gentle, light fantasy and then there is dark fantasy, a genre which I still to this day will have nothing to do with. If a subject in any way violates the Word of God, I won't entertain it. I feel a release to enjoy some of these light things now with no conviction, but that does not mean it will always be that way. Perhaps I'm in a phase of my life where I can handle them with maturity and be over them instead of them being over me, if that makes any sense. The point I'm at in my life is that I am totally open to whatever God chooses to allow for me or ask from me. If light fantasy starts to become too big of an issue for me, I will freely give it up with no hesitation whatsoever. It's the same with my artwork; right now my faeries are pretty much just pretty ladies with wings, and no more (although lately I've been feeling really lead to crack down and get serious on the Women of the Bible series I'm dreaming about). I have many, many absolutes in my life, and my main one is that if the Bible says it, I believe it. It is the gray areas where we are to allow God to draw us to our own personal convictions. The biggest problem with that is that people don't want to take God's convctions as their own so they make all areas gray and do what they want. I certainly don't want to do that, so I am trying to remain open to Him. There are still some elements I will never stitch, because they violate stronger convictions than just my personal ones. However, if you see a Mirabilia fairy or mermaid (albiet converted to preserve her modesty, thank you very much) just understand where I am coming from.

And to be honest, right now it's a way to help me feel close to Laura. I'm human and doing the best I can.

Moving on...I think one of the reasons I'm so drawn to Deepest Love is because it's one of the pieces that I most associate with Laura. It is bringing me great comfort to work on it as I think about her.



I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my new logo. I always balk at using my own work for anything regarding myself. I don't know why, but I never consider myself a "real" artist. I like my work, but sometimes I feel like it's little more than glorified crayon. I know, I know, I can feel the wet noodle-lashing as I speak, but I'm just being real.

I organized my stash last night, and it truly was a form of serenity to me. It gave me a sense of newness as I cleaned out my stash drawers and played in my sparklies. I unkitted everything except my Chatelaines (Misty Morning Vineyard, Taj Mahal, and Watergarden), but I have no plans to work on them at present. I have an insatiable desire to stitch nothing but Mirabilias. Since Laura was the first person I met online who loved Mirabilia as much as I did, I suppose it's my way of being close to her. And now, years later, I'm surrounded by such wonderful people who also love Mirabilia as much as I do, and that is a great comfort.

While I was going through my stash, I found all of the wonderful scissor fobs I've aquired in the past year or so. Most of them I purchased, but my most special are three that were given to me as gifts. The very first fob I ever got was a gift from Angi a la purple faery and it remains infinitely special to me. It's made of pink swarovskis with silver accenting, and at the end dangles a silver dolphin. I was doubly touched, because not only are dolphins one of my favorite animals ever, pink is one of my favorite colors. The second fob I recieved as a gift was from Ginny, one of the Georgia Ghetto Floss Lickers stitchers (and I think 'redneck' was recently incorporated in there somewhere). Not only is she an emmensely talented stitcher, but also an amazing 'fobber'. Her fob consisted of gorgeous glass beads the color of pale turquoise, another one of my favorite colors. It also contains a dolphin charm, and complete with matching dolphin bracelet. It's stunning. The third fob I recieved as a gift was recently and it was from Cindy (aka stitchingmom, our resident Color Conversion whiz on the Mira board). This gorgeous fob is loaded with all different kinds of beads, all the colors of the ocean. The charm is amazing; it's a mermaid riding on the back of a dolphin. Silver, of course. I love them all dearly, and they help remind me of what a special group of women I have the priviledge to know. The stitching community really is something, and I am grateful and humbled to be a part of it.

I'm actually doing much better today. I think I've gotten past the denial stage concerning Laura's death; I actually found myself wishing that it was all a cruel joke, and that she would post saying she was really alive. I think the turning point for me when I realized that she was really gone was when I read about the vigil Neil had a few days ago for Laura at his home. Although I took comfort that Neil was trying to celebrate Laura's life, it struck me that she was not coming back. I finally had to face this truth. And face it I did.

Do you know who I really feel for? I feel for those stitchers that had the pleasure to know Laura in 'real life', like Ryan and Cymberleah. So many of these ladies were able to eat with her, stitch with her, attend her wedding, and be her friends. I know their pain must be immense, and my heart goes out to them. While I am sorry for my own loss, I am sorry for theirs for in many ways it is that much greater.

I remember the first time I spoke to Laura. It was at one of the stitching GTG and Valerie called her on her cell-phone. We all sang happy birthday to her, and then passed the phone around for all to speak with her. It was so cool, and she was so surprised. She didn't sound anything like I thought she would. For some reason, I envisioned her as sounding 'clear' and 'straightforward', if that makes any sense. But she didn't; she had a marvelously feminine voice, with an infectious giggle. She also sounded very 'Canadian', which was a delight. I think Canadians have a different timber to their voices than us Yanks, and I absolutely love it (I've always had a love affair with Canada anyway). I'll never forget that time her, Angi and I all got together and talked online, except I didn't have a microphone so all I could do was hear their voices and type my responses as the 'silent partner'. I'll never forget her total incomprehension of why I like Haldir so much.

Laura: Ew, why do you like him? He's so snobby!
Me: Because he's the only elf with testosterone!
Playful howls of protestation from Laura and Angi.

*Sigh*. That was a fun night.

That was also before Laura's depression kicked in. I am so sorry she had to struggle with that, for it's a horrible thing to have to suffer.

Anway...I'm taking the cue from Neil and I'm choosing to celebrate her life. I'm going to start posting on the boards, but I will be clinging very closely to the Mira board. I have done those wonderful stitchers a grave diservice by not letting them know how special they are to me. I have chosen to stitch The Kiss and Deepest Love, and I know it will be my way to draw close to those things we both loved about Mirabilias. There is indeed healing to be found in those things treasured.

Now: The Kiss will be my Phantom of the Opera conversion, but don't expect any fancy new colorway for Deepest Love. The truth is, I'm burned out on doing color conversions. I'm not giving them up altogether, but I am taking a break. When I first started them they were an amazing challenge, and they worked really well; I even got dubbed the 'Queen of Color Conversions' by the intrepid Lorchen (whom I miss). I loved experimenting with color and showing how a design could completely change a look just by changing a few colors. I'd like to even think I played some small role in giving stitchers the courage to attempt to try conversions of their own. I was looking at the Color Conversions forum the other day, and it's just exploded with different colorways. I am so proud of everyone, and frankly they don't need me to do conversions for them anymore. They can do it themselves, and they are doing it remarkably well.

It will actually be refreshing to stitch a Mira as it's been charted. Who knew?




As you can see, I've got a new template. I have a moon.stars.night-time thingy going, which works for me. I admit the logo came out a little large, but considering I've used nearly everybody else's artwork in my logos I figured it was time I used some of my own for a change. The piece is called "Fireflies on Parade" and you can see the full version by clicking on the thumbnail below:

It's a very special piece to me, and I thought it was fitting all things considered. I may change it to something a little smaller in the near future, but for now it comforts me.

Well, it seems the Mirabilia board had a bit of excitement yesterday. I actually had to ban somebody. The person in question was obviously a troll, and used such manners and language that defined it as such. Look, the truth is I'm a pretty laid back board owner, so much so that other than a few tweaks and scans from the admins the board pretty much runs itself. Everyone loves one another, plays nice, and gets together to rave about stitching; pretty standard stuff. Well, then someone comes along and decideds to single some stitchers out to insult and aggravate, and then when I ban her (or him) said troll takes the time and effort to suit up under an new name and insults one of the admins in a very vicious way. We managed to ban 'its' new name and user IP. We've also been able to find out its service provider and the area it lives.

Later days, troll.

One of the things it said was that it has the right to its opinion. Well, not really. As far as I'm concerned, once a poster violates the guidelines of the board, it's buh-bye, and I don't care how good your fried chicken is or who your mama dated post World War II; you're off my board, and that's the end game.

Why people choose to entertain themselves in such a way is beyond me. I really hope I don't find out it's someone we know, or that would disappoint me in ways you cannot imagine. I would not hesitate to expose them on the boards. Hmm, I wonder if the same person responsible for all the hate mails sent to stitchers? You know, that brave intrepid soul who chooses to remain annonymous.

Like we all need this after the past few days, hmm? But, like I saw on a blog this morning, it's weird but life does go on. It doesn't stop for mildewed laundry, burnt cookies, disappearing children, or deaths of good friends. It plods on, and we must plod with it.

I'm starting to really hate February.



I've been doing a lot of thinking the morning and I've decided to add a memoriam in my sidebar. Special thanks goes to Nicole for creating the wonderful memory picture of Laura for us all to use. I also chose some blinkies off Laura's blog that best describe her to me.

I got up after my last post and decided to get active. I've been in my jammies for two days, and the lethargy was starting to kick in. I've had some major stomach pains on and off this morning (stress I suppose) but I needed to get active so I cleaned. Nothing major, just a little light house cleansing, but as soon as I vaccumed I felt better. I felt more purposeful, and effective. My children are here, and despite my grief they need me. They need to be able to depend on Mom to keep a clean house for them and feed them and spend time loving them. So I did.

You know, we really do need to tell people how much we care about them. I have so many regrets with Laura. There was so much I wanted to say. We should never take our loved ones for granted. It's not just the point that we don't know when we are going to go, but it's more of a fact that we don't know when they are going to go.

Which brings me to some of the stupid customs we have. I mean, why do we always wait until company comes to use the expensive dishes? Why wait? Isn't your family special enough to use them every day? Okay, so if you use them every day they might cease to be special, but says who? How can a family meal surrounded by beauty and good conversation ever be considered unspecial, regardless of how many times you've seen the pretty dishes? Or, why wait for special occassions to burn those candles or light that insence? Everyday should be celebrated and cherished, and we should do the things we love with the ones we love, just because we are together. These are just a couple of examples of some of the things we can do to help show our families they are special.

And friends, physical and online...have you touched out to someone today and told them what they mean to you? I made a point of it this morning. I sent an e-mail to someone I've been in the same circle with for four years. Everytime I see her I connect with her, and I think good things. So, I decided not to just think these things about her, but to tell her these things. I think we should all do something like that, if anything to help us keep perspective. I challenge you today to do just that; e-mail someone you think very highly of, someone who may not know it and let them know how they have touched you. Perhaps our community would be a lot stronger if we did that every day.

Let's walk in love with each other. If you have been wronged by someone, or if you are the one who has wronged someone else, put it aside. Write that person, right now. Let them know life is too short to be hindered by stupid grudges and hurt feelings. Embrace friendship, for it is the stuff love is made of.

Yesterday I picked up my WIP of the Kiss and worked on it all day. It brought me some comfort, as it was the piece that most reminds me of Laura. I've pretty much put all my other WIPs on the back burner for now I just have a penchant to stitch Mirabilias.

I found out news about the memorial service for Laura. It can be found here on Neil's blog. Angi and I were going to send flowers from the Mirabilia board, but they have requested donations be given to the United Way or a favorite charity in leiu of flowers. I desperately wish I could go.

There are so many things I want to say, and so many things I feel. I know death is a part of life, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier. I just take comfort in the fact that God is with me right now; He is with all of us, whether we acknowledge His presence or not. I have been praying constantly for Neil and her parents, that God grant them the strength and comfort they need during this time.

I've been dreaming of her, and I still can't believe she's gone. I don't think any of us will get used to that fact.



I am so depressed. Sad, depressed. Angry. Confused. I don't know how I'm going to come to grips with this. I just don't understand.

However, things are starting to piece togther for me. They are starting to make sense, even though they will never completely make sense. So many people loved and cared about Laura. The blog posts from the blogosphere have been wonderful and comforting to read. I wish I could contribute to that warmth and comfort, but I just feel too raw. I've been checking the blogs to see if any information about the funeral and memorial service have been posted, but so far nothing new. When I spoke to Skye they still did not have the information so it's just a matter of waiting.

Laura felt things very deeply. Her and I connected almost immediately many years ago when we met online. We are worlds apart politically and spiritually, but it didn't matter; we always claimed we were soul-sisters, opposites split from the same comet. Her and I went through a rough patch not too long ago, all because of a misunderstanding. We talked about it at length through detailed e-mails, and in the end our friendship blossomed once again. It was great to see her blogging again and living life with what seemed out of the shadow of a depression that had gripped her for that one year, one she talks very openly about in her blog. I rejoiced with her when I saw her and Neil decide to buy a house, and was saddened each time she said she had not concieved. The meme I tagged her for was the last thing she posted on her blog.

God, how I miss her. So much, so soon.



A very close friend of mine is gone. We called each other 'soul-sisters'. I am devestated. There is nothing I can say right now that can come close to how I feel. My prayers go out to Neil and her parents.

Laura, I miss you already so much it hurts. I love you.


Great Day! 

Forgive my whiney post yesterday...stuff happens.

Today, however, has been wonderful! I took David and Jessi to school (Jess had her weekly Mom's Morning Out class) and I used the time to run errands. I managed to make the beds and clean the cat boxes before we left for school, so I was able to run by the bank and go grocery shopping. If you are really interested in seeing what I've been compiling in my pantry over the past two days, you can find it here. See? That's why I put a get-fit blog together, so I wouldn't have to post all that stuff over here!:D

The weather here is so gorgeous I almost can't stand it. I so love Spring, and today is a Spring day like no other. Tomorrow's forcast, however, is slated to be very cold and windy. Gross. Ah, well...tis the way of the weather in Georgia.

I found something uber-cool on Rose's blog, and I just had to click one up for myself:

Word Cloud. Now if I could only find a way to use it in my sig line and still have it be readable.

Oh, yeah! Guess what I got yesterday in the mail? Only my favorite scent EVER!

This is the most wonderful scent in the world. It smells exactly like fresh-squeezed lemons and fresh roses. I was devestated to see that V'Tae had discontinued it, but I found it on Amazon.com for half the price V'Tae sold it for, so it's a nice trade off. I may need to stock up on it in the meantime before it disappears altogether. But for today, not only can I enjoy Spring weather today, but I can smell like Spring too!

Wheeee. Good day, yes, indeed.:)



Feeling icky. Sore throat from too much singing, or at the very least from improper breath control. Too much singing from the throat and not from the diaphram, I suppose. Blast, but I wish I could take vocal lessons again. I hate being an untrained-trained singer, you know? It's been many years since those lessons, and I miss them.


The weather here is weirding me out. One minute it's warm and sunny, and the next it's cold and gross. I'm surprised we aren't all running around catching our deaths. I usually like winter, but I'm ready for a long and beautiful spring. Although fall is my favorite season (i.e. read "two weeks", for this is Georgia after all), spring does something to me. It invigorates me. I am *so* ready for it!

Okay, time for some whines:

1) I'm lazy.
2) I'm an untalented hack who has no business trying to play with the Big Boys and Girls.
3) I'm irritable.
4) I have an over-excelerated opinion of myself.
5) I'm vain.
6) I have an overy-low opinion of myself.
7) I'm putting too much on myself and not God.

There. That sums up my mood for the moment, all brought on because I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Pathetic, isn't it? I think I need to go pray, have a stiff cup of joe, and knit.


Get-Fit Journey Begins 

I have a new blog, whoohoo!!

Now, don't any of you start panicking. I'm not going anywhere. When I came back to Fully Caffeinated, I promised you all this is where I would stay and stay I will. I just decided to make a blog that chronicles my get-fit journey, instead of cluttering up this one with menus, excersise routines, etc. It will focus mainly on the Body-for-LIFE program and my quest to keep my sanity while I'm fighting the urge to scarf down a box of Ho Hos in the process.

So...let's get fit and get a Fat Attitude! Hope to see you there!

I am now off to pick up my son from kindergarten and do some more cleaning. PSP is still not installed or I would chuck caution to the wind and show you my faery WIP, but it looks like I'll get to work on her a couple more days until that happens.

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